Some Writing News for a Change

As I grow more weary of reading about the Great Science Fiction Civil War and the Battle of the Hugos, I’m turning inward and ramping up my own idea factory. I haven’t posted on my own writing for what seems like ages, so today it’s a little about where I’m going from here. Turning fifty last week, and the good fortune to spend a few hours on that day with David Brin has not only allowed me to finish the edits to my novel A Darkling Nine, it also sparked the solution that resolves the open-ended series when I finally decide the story needs to end. Brin also had some kind things to say about Fishpunk, my steampunk parody.

Now that A Darkling Nine is starting to make the rounds, I can turn my focus on what comes next. On the indie-pub side, the sequel to Rigel Kentaurus is long overdue. Working on that will give me time to suss out the details of ADN’s sequels for the trad-pub side.

Right now, the to-be-written list for novels looks like this:
Proxima Centauri (Deep Space Series Book 2- Rigel Kentaurus Sequel)
The Darkling Planet (Darkling Series Book 2 – A Darkling Nine Sequel)
Earth Occupied (Deep Space Book 3)
The Tenth Darkling (Darkling Series Book 3)
Sol (Deep Space Book 4)

Short fiction is also on the menu. Last week, I finished a my first short story in months, and it’s out making the rounds. I also got several of my other shorts that haven’t been circulated much back into the market. I have a couple more short story ideas to play with before the end of the year.

Finally, I’m still looking at producing an audio edition of Fishpunk and serializing that via podcast.

Lots of exciting fiction coming up!

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