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Date postedApril 18, 2010
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Title: eBooks for the 21st-Century Author
Category: Non-Fiction
Classification: Publishing
Length: 7300 words plus numerous illustrations
File Format: PDF format only
License: Issued under Creative Commons Attribution Non-commercial ShareAlike

This primer is intended for the writer who wants to set up shop and sell backlist in digital form. It walks the reader through the creation of an eBook, covering topics such as cover art creation, PDF file creation, ePub file creation, mobi for Kindle creation, preparing a document to sell for Kindle on Amazon, and more.

By working through this guide, a novice should walk away with a fair knowledge of how to create ebooks. Knowledge of HTML is very useful but probably not essential.

A second download is recommended, the “associated files” contain all the examples used in the book and will be useful as a template.

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