2016-06-29 Just got word that my story The Bonny Claire was accepted by Alt Hist. This marks the second time I’ve sold first rights to this story. It originally sold to a magazine called Vortex Temporum for their launch issue. That magazine never happened so the story didn’t get published. It’s nice to finally find this one a home.

2016-06-24 Contract signed, payment received. Girls of Summer will appear in Perihelion July 12, 2016.

2016-06-21 My story Girls of Summer was accepted by Perihelion, a new market for me. More details when available.

2016-05-03 My story The Strange Case of Lionel Turnway was accepted for the September issue of The Fifth Di…

2016-03-12 My novel A Darkling Nine was moved up a level in the Baen Books slush pile.

2013-05-04 A Kepler’s Dozen, an anthology edited by David Lee Summers is out and available for order on My short story A Glint off the Glass appears in this anthology.

2013-04-02 My schedule for LepreCon 39 was given to me. SCI – Endler’s Livebearers-the tropical fish 2-3p Ballroom C, LIT – What happened to Hard Sci-Fi 4-5pm Cabana (with Jack McDevitt), SCI – Scientific Barrier or Engineering Problem 6-7pm Ballroom A. I also will have a signing time TBD.

2013-03-21 I completed the first draft of my new novel A Darkling Nine.

2013-02-17 I will be interviewed on Dungeon Crawlers Radio podcast tomorrow during the 6:00PM hour (MST).

2013-01-18 I have agreed to appear at LepreCon 39. Details to follow.

2013-01-17 Announcing two short fiction sales: The Adjoa Gambit has been reprinted in the Triumph Over Tragedy anthology. A Glint off the Glass is scheduled to appear in the anthology A Kepler’s Dozen in June.

News items for the years before 2013 are lost to the great bit bucket in the sky.

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