November 2019, we met up with David Gerrold in Northridge for dinner and to talk shop.


June 2015, David Gerrold was a guest of honor at LepreCon 41 in Phoenix. We had dinner at Chino Banditos. Here, David and I are posing with Chino Bandito himself.


May 2015, Mary Robinette Kowal had a book signing at Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale. Here, we’re having a discussion about the Oxford comma.

With David Brin 4-16-15

David Brin flew into Phoenix on April 16, 2015 for a weekend engineering conference. My wife and I had dinner with him that evening. It was my 50th birthday.


Lon Prater came to town on business in May of 2013. We chatted for a couple hours at a Starbucks in Tempe.


I met Jack McDevitt at LepreCon 39 in May of 2013.

Matthew S. Rotundo and I ran into each other at a Rush concert during the 2012 Clockwork Angels tour Phoenix show.

With Guest of Honor Joe Haldeman, LepreCon 38, April 2012

With Gini Koch, LepreCon 38, April 2012

With Michael A. Stackpole, LepreCon 38, April 2012.

With local artist Gilead and artist Franchesco in the background. LepreCon 38 April 2012

With Jack Mangan at LepreCon 38, April 2012

Jack Mangan defends the participant drink tickets at LepreCon 38.

Bruce Davis is a local fiction writer. We met at LepreCon 38 in April 2012

I finally had the chance to meet Elizabeth Bear at LepreCon 37, May 2011

I met Sarah Monette during the Author reception of LepreCon 37, May 2011

Ian Trelligis before our panel during LepreCon 37, May 2011

I met C.A. Dawson at LepreCon 37 May 2011.

Lawrence M. Schoen and I got together during his January, 2011 visit to Scottsdale.

Coppercon 30, Sept. 4, 2010.  Ernest Hogan, me, and Emily Devenport goofing off before our panel on What is Science Fiction.

Coppercon 30, Sept 4, 2010. I finally meet Rachel Drydan, about five years after she should have attended Orson Scott Card’s Boot Camp as my classmate.

Posing with Stephen R. Donaldson at Coppercon 30, September 3, 2010.

David Lee Summers, along with Verity Summers, at Coppercon 30, September 3, 2010

Cell phone picture with John Scalzi during the 2010 Phoenix ComiCon.

Cell phone picture of me with George R. R. Martin, LepreCon 36, May 16, 2010.

Cell phone picture of me with Melinda Snodgrass, LepreCon 36, May16, 2010.

John Brown and Larry Corriea at Barnes and Noble in South Scottsdale, some time in late 2009.

Signing for “Winter” at Dog-Eared Pages in Phoenix, October 2009.

Dalek sighting in Phoenix, spring 2009.

With Alan Dean Foster, November 2008 during his signing for “Quofum” at Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale.

Summer 2008 with Alan Dean Foster at his home.  Blindly tried to get a photo with a cell phone camera from the wrong side.

With Jack Mangan at the 2008 Coppercon, just hanging out in the hallway.

With Judson Roberts at his reading in December 2007, Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale.  The bottle contains mead brewed by Judson.

Posing with Harlan Ellison during the 2006 Nebula Awards.

Visiting with William F. Nolan, author of Logan’s Run, during the pre-banquet reception during the 2006 Nebula Awards.

At the 2006 Nebula Awards banquet with Eric James Stone.

This is from June 2005, Orson Scott Card posing with me on the last day of Boot Camp.  Terrible picture of me.

From March of 2005, I had lunch in Studio City with David Gerrold and D. C. Fontana.

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