• A defaced license plate speaks to the integrity of the owner.
  • Not everyone buys as much car as he can afford.
  • Kids

  • Common sense appears to be a recessive trait.
  • Life

  • The engineering behind making things worse is a much easier problem than making things better.
  • If I’m ever so successful that I can’t learn from others, I’m in deep doo-doo.
  • Math

  • If an integral is an anti-derivative, is a derivative a disintegration?
  • Politics

  • The fundamental problem with government is that it is run by politicians.
  • A bird needs both a right and left wing to fly.
  • Politicians are politicans, no matter where they are. Try not to step in anything they say.
  • Writing

  • How do people that don’t write learn about themselves?
  • Science fiction writers are the jazz musicians of literature.  Jazz musicians are dedicated to their craft, love to perform, produce some of the most original material out there, and don’t get the sales of other genres, who often borrow their tropes. The peak in popularity was quite a while ago, too.
    There are a lot of parallels.
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