Who is Rick Novy?

Rick Novy makes his home in a suburb of that great metropolitan desert region of Arizona known as Phoenix. He grew up in the frozen tundra of Wisconsin and graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Whitewater with a bachelor of science degree in physics and mathematics (double major).

He moved to California and lived in the Bay Area for a decade, during which he earned a masters of science in engineering at San Jose State University. In 1999 he moved to Arizona (it’s a wry heat).

Rick spent 14 years as an engineer in the semiconductor industry. He is currently adjunct faculty in the mathematics department at a local community college.

Rick has more interests than he has time to devote. He is a fish keeper suffering from MTS (multiple tank syndrome). One tank features difficult to find purebred Endler’s Livebearers, a species he keeps because it is nearly extinct in the wild from habitat destruction and is being crossbred with guppies by shortsighted breeders and pet shops to the extent that uncrossed Endlers are nearly impossible to find. He is a member of the American Livebearers Association (ALA). See his fish page for more fishy business.

Rick is also an avid sports fan. Primary allegiances are below.

– Arizona Diamondbacks
– Kansas City Royals
– Milwaukee Brewers

– Phoenix Suns
– Milwaukee Bucks

– Green Bay Packers
– Arizona Cardinals
– Anyone playing the Raiders

– Phoenix Coyotes
– Chicago Blackhawks
– Pittsburgh Penguins

His fiction has appeared in respectable publications, including
Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show, Flash Fiction Online, M-Brane SF, and Tales of the Talisman. He is a member of Codex Writers Group and the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA).

Rick Novys I am not…

  • I do not own a cattle ranch in Northern California.
  • I am not a former member of the Village of West Carthage Village Board
  • I have nothing to do with the New York State Olympic Trail Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan
  • I am not this miserable piece of crap
  • I am not an Anchorage Code Enforcement Officer
  • I am not an Army veteran interested in locating graves.
  • I had nothing to do with the success of the Holy Hammers Silent Auction at All Saints Lutheran Church of Aurora, Colorado.
  • I am not a potato breeder from Idaho.
  • I am not a Carpenter from Appleton, WI.
  • This is not my face.
  • I did not win a bronze medal in Rowing for Czechoslavakia in the 1964 Olympics.
  • I did not invent the Non-slip Sta-bar Bushing..
  • I am not a high school volleyball player from Orlando.
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