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A selection of Rick’s work from the first 10+ years of being a published writer.
Some storytellers use the distant future as the setting to make fantastic extrapolations and to explore compelling ideas. In this volume, however, the writers look forward a mere decade and present stunning scenarios, reveal exciting possibilities and warn against the harrowing pitfalls that may lie just a few steps ahead of us. What will life be like ten years from now?

Sixteen extraordinary writers offer their own mind-bending answers to that question, their spectacular 2020 Visions…


M-Brane SF presents ten stunning tales from some of science fiction’s best new writers. Edited by Rick Novy.
Humans return to Earth after 20,000 years of time dilation. Cities are rubble. The Golden Gate Bridge is a pile of scrap metal. Hodges thinks he’s going home. Yutiko, the winged alien, wishes he was going back home, for this is not the Earth he was promised. Earth has changed, yes, and the more things change . . .

Winter also includes the short story “The Adjoa Gambit,” a story that originally appeared in Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show.

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