There is Something

to be said for having steel in an automobile. At lunch today, I drove to Fry’s Electronics to do some window shopping (Fry’s is a great catalog). On the way home, there was this strange-looking construction truck that had one of those signs telling everyone to move to the right. It was my misfortune to arrive at this strange truck with a relatively large group of cars. I moved to the right well ahead of the truck. I thought the bozo in the middle lane was going to encroach my lane to get past, but instead he cut me off, forcing me to slam on the breaks. Unfortunately, the guy behind Bozo was also cut off, but instead of breaking, he decided to swerve into the right lane at the same time I braked, causing him to plow into the rear bumper of my pickup. Fortunately for me, he hit my steel rear bumper and not much else, though the motion of the tailgate is a bit rough. The other car did not fare so well. The entire front end of that car is crunched. Even more interesting was that he was driving a borrowed car. It kind of makes me wish I had stood in that long line to buy the DVD I was considering. And of that weird construction truck, all I can make of it is that the purpose is to cause accidents. I didn’t detect any other function.

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