Steve Jobs and a little of my stupidity

Last night, the world lost one of its great idea people.  When Steve Wozniak, a technical wizard, and Steve jobs, an idea man with charisma, business savvy, and a vision for the future unmatched in the past quarter century.

It is a great loss to the world.  To the Apple employees and especially those at the helm n0w, I hope Jobs left a defining vision. To the rest of us, what could have been?

People cope with loss in different ways.  When JC Hutchins tweeted Something about President Obama commenting on Jobs, I replied with what I thought was a humorous comment juxtaposing Jobs (capital J) with jobs (lower-case j) and referring to Obama’s jobs bill.

Most people who know me at all also know that I’m likely to fling out a one-liner at any time. It’s part of how I cope with stress and loss. I don’t, however, know Hutchins and he took offense to that statement. Lesson learned and I want to extend a sincere apology to Mr. Hutchins for any offense he took from the comment, as well as to anyone else who took offense.  Sometimes these things backfire and this was one of those time.  I certainly meant no disrespect to Obama or to Jobs.

Other people cope in different ways.  To end this on a positive note, I invite you to click on this link. It will take you to a video of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak discussing Jobs, starting Apple in the garage,  and the impact the man had on Woz’s own life.


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