Public Schools, Sayonara

It’s been a long and busy day, but I wanted to get a brief post online before I go upstairs and collapse. I spent the day watching all sorts of genre peeps down at Phoenix Comicon and wishing I was there. Instead, I went to the high school graduation of my son, who also happens to be my youngest child. Tonight, I celebrate being finished with Arizona public schools, standardized testing, administrator stonewalling, and parking lot gridlock.

Arizona public schools are in a decaying orbit with repeated funding cuts and override propositions going down in flames. I don’t like where things are heading, but considering the voters of Arizona ignored the most qualified candidate for public schools superintendent to run in the past fifteen years in favor of a tea party Republican who ran on a one-plank platform of eliminating common core, what else would you expect?

I’m trying not to get too aggravated this late at night, so I’d better stop here because I can already feel my blood heating up. And oh, my, if you are not from Arizona, the current superintendent is leaving a path of complete chaos in her wake. Too much to go into right now, but she has already butted heads and lost against the Governor (a guy who won on Koch money). Perhaps she likes Jasmine and he likes Earl Grey for tea.

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