Swirling Beneath One Thin Ring #FreeFiction

A writer by the name of Lawrence M. Schoen once said every SFF writer must eventually write a cat story. I’ve written two, of which this is the second. Swirling Beneath One Thin Ring isn’t long–only 2200 words. It originally appeared in the October 2008 issue of The Martian Wave…. Continue reading

Throwing a Haymaker #FreeFiction

Here’s a story that will appeal to all the weather wonks out there. It’s called Throwing a Haymaker. this originally appeared in the March 2010 issue of M-Brane SF. It’s on the long end for a short story at 6600 words, and was my 37th published story. THROWING A HAYMAKER… Continue reading

The Cosmology #FreeFiction

This is the second of three stories exploring immortality and the end of time. The Cosmology is 950 words and originally appeared in the November, 2007 issue of AnotheRealm. The publication awarded this story, my 16th published, their 2007 D.G.K. Goldberg Award for best horror story. Is this a horror… Continue reading

Come to Slaughter, Pig #FreeFiction

This story is a bit shorter than the last one…okay, a lot shorter at 2200 words. Come to Slaughter, Pig originally appeared in the February, 2009 issue of AnotheRealm. It was my 26th published story. COME TO SLAUGHTER, PIG RICK NOVY      It was a grueling job — one with… Continue reading

Winter – Part 4 #FreeFiction

Here is the conclusion to the novella Winter. Winter RICK NOVY Part 4 – Ancients With special attention from several bilingual humans, Yutiko was ready to depart on his mission in under a week.  The humans gave him some pills to keep his stomach in-line while on the boat.  The… Continue reading

Winter – Part 2 #FreeFiction

WINTER RICK NOVY Part 2 – Land One tribal human approached as the others raised their weapons.  He approached Hodges, stopping out of arms reach.  He spoke, but it was gibberish, and meant nothing to Yutiko, and apparently meant nothing to Hodges or Lumstrum either. Hodges turned to Yutiko and… Continue reading