When will it end?

Believe it or not, the computer I bought over Thanksgiving died yesterday. It’s been a horrific run of problem after problem. So, today I decided that I’m tired of fighting it. I bought a computer for the kids to replace the broken one. I bought a laptop for me to replace the laptop that broke, and I took the desktop I bought over Thanksgiving in to the place I bought the components and basically said, “Here, you fix it.”

The kids PC was actually a pretty good deal. They had two low-price-range computers available, one was an floor display and the other a new machine. The floor display with a two-year extended warranty was the same price as the new machine. Those of you who know me well know that I almost never buy an extended warranty. However, because it was a floor sample and because it’s going to be kids using the machine, I decided to spend the extra money this time. Time will tell if that was the right choice.

At least with the new laptop (dubbed K-9 by my newly-minted Dr. Who fan daughter) I have a backup and I can write away from this desk.

Interestingly enough, I discovered a wireless lan connection nearby. I don’t think Scottsdale has one, so maybe it’s from the timeshares across the street, or from one of the nearby hotels.

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