Website is Back

After a couple of years of neglect, I started working on getting back online and into shape. It had been slow loading because the site used more resources than the shared server provided. Cross-posting to social media was broken, which appears to have been caused by Jetpack not being… Continue reading

Update on next audio book 8/16/17

Recording began today on Rick’s novel “Rigel Kentaurus,” a space opera set in the Alpha Centauri system. The plan is to complete all the recording before the end of Labor Day weekend.  With aggressive editing, the audio book might be ready by the end of the year. This book is… Continue reading

Fishpunk Episode 18

Fishpunk Episode 18 – History is Written by the Victors Welcome to Fishpunk Episode 18! When we last left Calvin Scholz, the Mexican Army had shelled the Fishkeeper’s compound, ruining many buildings and causing plenty of casualties. Calvin decided to see the Fishkeeper to safety. That’s where we pick up… Continue reading

Fishpunk Episode 11

Fishpunk Episode 11 – Scrawny Horses Welcome to Fishpunk Episode 11! When we last left Calvin Scholz, the Mexican Army had retreated from the prison camp to help defend Mexico City. Scholz and the sailors had freed themselves from the prison camp and that’s where we pick up the story…. Continue reading

Fishpunk Episode 05

Episode 5 – Savannah Welcome to episode 5 of Fishpunk! When we last left Calvin Scholz, he had just witnessed his first punked riverboat race and managed to pick up a tail on his way back to his hotel. That’s where we’ll pick up the story. Fishpunk Episode 05… Continue reading

Fishpunk Theme – Podcast Preview

The podcast of the audio version of my novel Fishpunk is coming along and will be released soon, before the Thanksgiving holiday. As many of you know, I’m also something of an amateur musician and I intend to populate all my audio books with theme music. Here is an advanced… Continue reading

Book Release – Content Marketing for Manufacturing and Technnology Companies

While this is not a work of fiction, it is a book I put a lot of effort into. Content Marketing for Manufacturing and Technology Companies is aimed at the companies described in the title, who usually operate in the business to business (B2B) realm. Often, these companies have negligible… Continue reading

Fishpunk Audio Project

Creating an audio book is a long process. Here are the steps and the current status of the Fishpunk project. 1. Recording of all chapters. Status: completed. 2. First Pass Editing, remove coughs, repeated lines, adjust volume levels, and generally clean up the audio. Status: In progress. 3. Record Theme… Continue reading

Science Denial Continues Unabated

If there’s one trigger that really presses my buttons, it’s science denial. Let’s set a few definitions before we proceed, mostly so when I use a word there is no confusion about what I mean by the word. Science – The process of learning about the universe and its components… Continue reading