Bob Fenner – Rest in Peace

As many know, I am a tropical fish enthusiast. Although I’m relatively inactive at the moment, I still love fishes and I’m an advocate for their proper care.

Much of my knowledge came from a guy named Bob Fenner, who wrote the book The Conscientious Marine Aquarist and ran the excellent informational site He helped me through a nasty outbreak of camallanus nematodes in a livebearer tank many years ago.

Over time, Bob and I became friends, and he invited me to be one of his answer people on, where I was active for a time answering freshwater fish questions.

I drifted away from the hobby eventually and became too occupied with other things to continue participating in wwm Q&A, but I kept in touch with Bob, at least casually on social media. We finally met in person a number of years ago, hooking up with my family at a pizza place in San Diego.

Bob was a gentle man, generous with his knowledge, and adamant about not only the tropical fish hobby, but protecting habitat and the fishes in the wild. Already the wetwebmedia family is talking, trying to come up with a plan to keep his wealth of information online and available.

Robert Fenner will truly be missed.

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