Nation’s First Freeway Photo Radar

Last week, the City of Scottsdale, Arizona installed the first freeway photo radar system. We already have them at major intersections to catch both speeders and red light runners. The flow of traffic on Loop 101 in the north valley, including the Scottsdale stretch, was upwards of 80 MPH. this… Continue reading

WOTF Result

Well, What a Difference a Day Makes did not make it far in the Q4-2005 Writers of the Future contest. I’m actually glad because the story had several problems. I’ve revised it and sent it to Analog. Last night was the Four Peaks District (Grand Canyon Council BSA) district dinner,… Continue reading

It continues

to be warmer than normal here in the valley of the sun. Christmas day is forecasted to be 78 degrees. Not bad. I learned yesterday that the insurance adjustor hadn’t visited the body shop to evaluate the aditional damage they found, so they haven’t even started working on my truck…. Continue reading