Camp Long Lake (Part 3)

In the previous parts of this series, I discussed a little about my father’s and my grandfather’s contribution to Camp Long Lake. Today, we’ll talk about my part. It was back in 1981, and I was a young 16 years old. I was stationed in the kitchen. I was, along… Continue reading

Camp Long Lake (Part 2)

Last time, I talked a little about how my family had been involved with scouting and Camp Long Lake for nearly three quarters of a century. (You can find that installment here.) I’d like to continue with that discussion today. My father worked on camp staff in the late 1950s,… Continue reading

We Have an Eagle!

An Eagle Scout On March 17, we held a ceremony to formally present the rank of Eagle Scout to my son, Russell. I realize some of my circle of friends take issue with the Boy Scouts of America, and for good reason, but this isn’t the right time for that… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Reverence

Today rounds out the 12 points of the scout law I have been using to fill the first 12 weeks of this new meme. The twelfth point of the Scout Law reads “A scout is reverent.” Rarely do I discuss religion on this blog, and never do I evangelize. I… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Cleanliness

As the Scout Law aspect to the Thursday Thoughts meme winds down, we hit point #11, a scout is clean. I’m not going to pontificate on “clean of mind and body” as the scouts do. Clean living means different things to different people. For instance, a hard-working person with no… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Bravery

I have been going through the 12 points of the scout law to kick off this meme. Today we’re looking at point 10, a scout is brave. When we think of bravery, images of people running into a burning building to rescue somebody come to mind. That certainly is one… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Thrift

Continuing to pass through all the points of the scout law, we hit upon point nine, a scout is thrifty. What a concept for us all, son’t you think? Don’t waste your money, don’t spend what you don’t have. Our economy would be much better off had millions of people… Continue reading

Boy Scouts Moving in the Direction of Equality?

It has been a contentious battle for those affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America who would like to drop the exclusion of gay individuals and those who want to keep it in place. The reasons for both sides are deep-rooted in peoples’ upbringing and strongly-held belief systems. I saw… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Cheer

I’ve been running through the 12 points of the scout law to kick off this Thursday thoughts meme. Today’s point is number 8, a scout is cheerful. I don’t look upon this so much as ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’ Rather, what I think Lord Baden Powell had in mind was… Continue reading

Fish Friday – The Endangered Desert Pupfish

I’m breaking from talking about the fishes I won at auction at SAKE last month to tell you about something interesting that happens tomorrow. My son is working on his eagle project, a major step in becoming an eagle scout. For his project, he will be clearing access around ponds… Continue reading