Thursday Thoughts – Cleanliness

As the Scout Law aspect to the Thursday Thoughts meme winds down, we hit point #11, a scout is clean.

I’m not going to pontificate on “clean of mind and body” as the scouts do. Clean living means different things to different people. For instance, a hard-working person with no significant vices could be considered unclean from the perspective of the LDS Church because of the occasional glass of wine with dinner, or the cup of coffee with breakfast. Or unclean to the Jewish because of pork sausage for breakfast. So cleanliness is absolutely a matter of perspective.

I view it more as a matter of living life the way you want to be perceived. Doing the right thing when nobody is looking. It’s a concept that is easy to talk about and oh so easy not to act upon. Temptation is always there, be it from food, drink, sex, or ways to steal money or shut down the internet.

In my case, I try to keep profanity to a minimum in my fiction, and I prefer to imply sex than to make it explicit. That doesn’t make my way right or wrong, it just makes it the way I do things.

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