Thursday Thoughts – A Positive Outlook, Smile!

Background Like most people, my teenage years were stressful, angst-ridden, and at times downright horrible. One minute you are overjoyed and the next minute you want to lock yourself in your room and hide under a blanket. As an introvert, I wasn’t very aggressive with meeting new people and making… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Disappointment in my Country

This is a post I’ve been mulling over for a long time, and I hesitated to write it for a number of reasons. Looks like it has turned into a core dump. It is motivated by the blowup in SFWA over a number of articles and the cover of an… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Writing Amid Chaos

Writing at Entropy Central If you are a writer with offspring living in the house, You know very well that the chaos that erupts from “special events” can completely derail writing time. The real problem is that “special events” happen all the time. Over the past several months, the “special… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Change it Up

Every once in a while, something needs to change. This website had been using the same WordPress template for over 4 years, and in all that time I never saw an update. The template worked fine. Eric James Stone did a little bit of customizing for me early on, but… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Graduation

I can’t stand commencement ceremonies. They’re long, they’re boring, the President never speaks at the ceremonies I’m involved with, and you’re too far away to see the person you know cross the stage. I went to my own high school commencement because it was my first one. I went to… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Reverence

Today rounds out the 12 points of the scout law I have been using to fill the first 12 weeks of this new meme. The twelfth point of the Scout Law reads “A scout is reverent.” Rarely do I discuss religion on this blog, and never do I evangelize. I… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Cleanliness

As the Scout Law aspect to the Thursday Thoughts meme winds down, we hit point #11, a scout is clean. I’m not going to pontificate on “clean of mind and body” as the scouts do. Clean living means different things to different people. For instance, a hard-working person with no… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Bravery

I have been going through the 12 points of the scout law to kick off this meme. Today we’re looking at point 10, a scout is brave. When we think of bravery, images of people running into a burning building to rescue somebody come to mind. That certainly is one… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Thrift

Continuing to pass through all the points of the scout law, we hit upon point nine, a scout is thrifty. What a concept for us all, son’t you think? Don’t waste your money, don’t spend what you don’t have. Our economy would be much better off had millions of people… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Cheer

I’ve been running through the 12 points of the scout law to kick off this Thursday thoughts meme. Today’s point is number 8, a scout is cheerful. I don’t look upon this so much as ‘Don’t worry, be happy.’ Rather, what I think Lord Baden Powell had in mind was… Continue reading