We Have an Eagle!

An Eagle Scout On March 17, we held a ceremony to formally present the rank of Eagle Scout to my son, Russell. I realize some of my circle of friends take issue with the Boy Scouts of America, and for good reason, but this isn’t the right time for that… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Writing Amid Chaos

Writing at Entropy Central If you are a writer with offspring living in the house, You know very well that the chaos that erupts from “special events” can completely derail writing time. The real problem is that “special events” happen all the time. Over the past several months, the “special… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Graduation

I can’t stand commencement ceremonies. They’re long, they’re boring, the President never speaks at the ceremonies I’m involved with, and you’re too far away to see the person you know cross the stage. I went to my own high school commencement because it was my first one. I went to… Continue reading

Back From Trip

Went with the family up to Red River, New Mexico with a side trip to Colorado Springs. I’m pretty tired after driving the ten hours to get home (including a stop to get the dogs at the kennel). And, I only lost one fish, a tetra. I’ll be blogging about… Continue reading

Just because it’s online doesn’t mean kids know best

Parents, please pay attention to what your kids are doing online. Yesterday, my daughter received an instant message from a friend asking for video chat. When the chat began, there was “something wrong” on the friend’s side. My daughter could only transmit, not receive video or sound. The person on… Continue reading

2008 Flute Competition Resuts

For the fifth consecutive year, Audrey competed in the Arizona Flute Society Young Artist competition. Recap: 2004 – Debut Division – Honorable Mention (unshared)2005 – Debut Division – 3rd Place2006 – Debut Division – 1st place (tied)2007 – Junior Division – Participant In the Debut (4th – 6th Grade) division,… Continue reading