5th of July

In order to spend some time with my kids, I took them to a local indoor mini-golf course. (I know, I know, only in Phoenix…)

Here they are standing in front of the big giraffe.

This picture gives you an idea of where Reanna had to hit the ball. Though the giraffe wickets.

Here, Reanna and Audrey decided to use up the three empty holes between us and the group behind us by wasting 50c on a boat ride.

Russell rode on this purple hippo, but he didn’t feed it.

I was there, too. Here, I retrieve my ball from the hand-eating hole. I have not yet taught my kids how to properly compose a photograph, thus the tops of Russell and I are sliced off.

After that, they decided to throw some more quarters at the mechanical carnival booths. Ring the bell and win a prize. In fact, Reanna won this particular game and the game kept the prize. she was uspet that she didn’t get her tiny plastic giraffe.

All in all, we had fun. That’s the important part.

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