Doctor Who Regeneration Lists

With the launch of series 8 and the Peter Capaldi era next month, I thought I’d make a few lists about Doctor Who regenerations. I hope you find these entertaining. Regenerated due to old age: Hartnel – Troughton (1 – 2) Hurt – Eccleston (War – 9) Smith – Capaldi… Continue reading

A Potpourri Post

Inline Skates Day two on the inline skates went pretty well. I skated about a mile and used the cane significantly less than yesterday. I still struggle on the uphill portions but downhill and flat are progressing nicely. Cleaning My wife and I have been going through closets. We went… Continue reading

Potpourri – Random Thoughts 7/16/13

Novel In Progress It has been a hectic few weeks here at Entropy Central. Business side has been keeping me busy, so Proxima Centauri, the sequel to Rigel Kentaurus, had to be put on hold. On top of the client work, I’m also teaching a summer class that consumes too… Continue reading

Potpourri – Impressions of Star Trek Into Darkness

***SPOILER ALERT***SPOILER ALERT***SPOILER ALERT***SPOILER ALERT*** Did I mention ***SPOILER ALERT*** ? This film left me with mixed impressions. As a whole and taken on its own, it was a decent film. Then again, I have the hindsight of 4 television series and something like 11 previous films of history before… Continue reading

Science Fiction Serial Without “Network Rules”

Every now and then, an opportunity comes along to create something incredible. Now is such a time. David Gerrold, a screenwriter for the original Star Trek series, has been pitching a series based on his Star Wolf novels to networks for years and years. After many almost deals falling apart,… Continue reading

Potpourri – Small World

Funny things can happen in this universe. I went to high school with a man named Tom Underberg. I haven’t seen him since graduation and hardly heard from him even after we connected on Facebook. I had no idea he is writing spec fic until just today. About a week… Continue reading

Blog Subscriptions Ending

I added blog subscriptions a few weeks ago in order to allow people to receive posts by email. Alas, I’m seeing nothing but fake email addresses with asdgvabt42 type names, many from a known spamming domain. I have therefore decided to deactivate the feature and delete all user accounts to… Continue reading

Boy Scouts Moving in the Direction of Equality?

It has been a contentious battle for those affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America who would like to drop the exclusion of gay individuals and those who want to keep it in place. The reasons for both sides are deep-rooted in peoples’ upbringing and strongly-held belief systems. I saw… Continue reading

Potpourri – A Grudging Capituation to the Inevitable

I started my blog on December 9th, 2005. It started on Blogger and remained there until February 15, 2010, when I converted to WordPress and moved the blog to my homepage. All this time, the blog was called “Frothing at the Mouth” and my website was called “Entropy Central.” I… Continue reading