Potpourri – SAKE Results

Back from SAKE and just in the tail end of about 3 hours worth of tank preparation and fish acclimation as I write this (11 PM last night by the time you read it). A nice event. The speakers were not as good as least year, but still interesting. The… Continue reading

Potpourri – Making a Good First Impression

There is no Wednesday Writer entry this week. That’s not what this post is about. Monday afternoon I got a call related to my copywriting business. A major player in my main target industry needed a technical document written by an ESL author turned into native speaker English. The content… Continue reading

Blender Saga Continues

Late last year, I had a blender go down, still well under warranty and with totally unsatisfactory response from the company. I blogged about it (without revealing the offending company’s name) here and here. Yes, those are indeed on my business blog, and not Entropy Central. We finally bought a… Continue reading

Blog Revamp

One thing I have been pondering is how to get more visits to the blog. To that end, I decided I need to be a bit more structured than I am right now. To that end, I’ll be posting certain types of content on different days of the week. I… Continue reading