Upcoming Podcast Update

As you may have heard, I’ve been working toward podcasting my novels. Neanderthal Swan Song is currently being recorded by an experienced reader. I won’t identify the reader quite yet, but the little bit I’ve heard sounds good. I do plan to start recording Fishpunk in the near future, but… Continue reading

Fish Friday – Aquarium Rack Almost Done

The aquarium rack I have been building with mostly scrap wood from Home Depot is nearly completed. I have to do some touch-up staining, bracket it to the wall for stability, and cover the surface with a layer of styrofoam so the variations in the wood do not damage the… Continue reading

Fish Friday (On Saturday) – Aquarium Rack Progress

I put in a good amount of work on the aquarium rack today, building much of the center module. I ran out of screws and 2×4 segments again, and although I had 6 lengths of wood in the garage, it isn’t quite enough. What i had in the garage is… Continue reading

Aquarium Rack In Progress

Due to a lot of reorganizing in my life focused mainly on my writing business, I need to make space in my home office for working. that means most of the fish tanks resident on the room have to move. There is a long cascade of events hinging on moving… Continue reading

Fish Friday – Coming Home to a Fish Disaster

Last Friday, the family left town for a trip to the West Coast. We spent about 24 hours in Orange County and LA, mainly to attend a relative’s graduation from UCLA. We then drove down to Oceanside and spent the next several days chilling by the ocean. Before we left,… Continue reading

Fish Friday – Vacation Feeding

Vacation Feeding your Aquarium residents Something that always seems to get the owner of an aquarium into a tizzy is vacation feeding. People feed every day (or more) when they’re in town. They want their wet friends to have the same care and treatment while they are gone–or at least… Continue reading

Fish Friday – Pachypanchax Fry

Much to my surprise, as I fed my Pachypanchax playfairii (a Seychelles killifish) a few days ago I discovered three frys. Between their size, the fact the tank is on the lower tier of a rack, and the fact that the fry stay near the surface, it’s incredibly difficult to… Continue reading

Fish Friday – A New Project

Right now, I have tanks scattered all over the house. It’s problematic in terms of thermal control, water changes, feeding, an a number of other areas. So, I am embarking upon a project to consolidate my smaller tanks. I’m building a rack in a room that is being used mainly… Continue reading

Fish Friday – Sake Fish, Heterandria Formosa

Finally, the last species I won at auction at Soutwest Area Killifish Event (SAKE) last March. This is one I had before, Heterandria formosa, also known as the least killifish. Despite the common name, this is not a killifish at all, but a livebearer. It is the smallest in North… Continue reading

Fish Friday – SAKE Fish, Bettas

It’s been a while since I discussed the fishes I acquired last March at the Southwest Area Killifish Event. I still have two more species to discuss. Today, it’s about my crowntail bettas. Bettas are fairly popular as a fish that can be kept in a smaller than average container,… Continue reading