Fifth Annual Book Drive for Phoenix Rescue Mission

Every year I hold a book drive and donate the proceeds to Phoenix Rescue Mission, a local charity that feeds the homeless in metro-Phoenix. Usually, I do this during the last full week in September, but as it turns out, I was swamped with various other obligations most of the… Continue reading

Upcoming Podcast Update

As you may have heard, I’ve been working toward podcasting my novels. Neanderthal Swan Song is currently being recorded by an experienced reader. I won’t identify the reader quite yet, but the little bit I’ve heard sounds good. I do plan to start recording Fishpunk in the near future, but… Continue reading

Rigel Kentaurus, Last Day on KDP Select

My novel Rigel Kentaurus has nearly completed its 90-day journey through KDP Select. The question I have to ask myself is, was it worth it? It’s unfortunate that is one of those thing you can’t do and not do for comparison. By that, I mean I can’t compare KDP Select… Continue reading

But They Were Based on Real Aliens!

When writing science fiction, one can run into some interesting situations where choices must be made. I like hard science fiction quite a bit, and I write what many might consider to be hard science fiction at least part of the time. One thing the hard SF writer must occasionally… Continue reading

Finish That Novel

Writing a novel can be a daunting task for someone who has never done it. I was that way once. I had countless false starts over many years. Persistence One day, I decided I would finish what I started, no matter what. No matter how bad it turned out, I… Continue reading

Weekly Update – 10/24/11

I finished the first draft of Rigel Kentaurus last Tuesday, so the total word count for the past week was pretty light–2353 for the two days I wrote. The entire first draft rings in at 91,530 words.  It’s a little shorter than Neanderthal Swan Song, but unlike many writers, my… Continue reading

Neanderthal Swan Song Released

My novel Neanderthal Swan Song has been released. It will be available for Kindle in the Amazon store and for Nook (and anything else reading epub files) from Barnes and Noble as soon as both sites finish chewing on the files. Meanwhile, you can get a copy right here, on… Continue reading