Walmart to Stop Selling Kindle

Walmart recently announced that it will stop selling the Kindle in its stores. Analysts figure this is partly to prevent what is known as showrooming, where customers look at a product in the physical store and then buy it online. Analysts also believe Walmart is taking Amazon as a serious… Continue reading

Rigel Kentaurus, Last Day on KDP Select

My novel Rigel Kentaurus has nearly completed its 90-day journey through KDP Select. The question I have to ask myself is, was it worth it? It’s unfortunate that is one of those thing you can’t do and not do for comparison. By that, I mean I can’t compare KDP Select… Continue reading

Last Free Promotion for Rigel Kentaurus on Kindle

Today and tomorrow (May 18 and 19) are the last two days of free promotion before Rigel Kentaurus falls off KDP Select. You can find the book here. Early next week, the novel will be uploaded to Barnes and Noble and to Smashwords, as well as posted here, on my… Continue reading

Indie Writer vs Self-Published Writer

Five years ago, there was no substantial difference between these two types of writers. In fact, the term “indie” wasn’t being bounced around yet, and many of the writers publishing their own work today would never have believed they would do it had you asked even three years ago. Indie… Continue reading