Assessment of KDP Select

Since January 1st, I have place three book into KDP Select to assess its viability. I launched Rigel Kentaurus into KDP Select first. A while later, I unpublished both my collection Accretion, and my first novel Neanderthal Swan Song from everywhere but Amazon. My first free days on Rigel Kentaurus… Continue reading

Gilead’s Cover Art Sketch for “Fishpunk”

I am very excited to have the awesome local artist Gilead working on the cover art for my forthcoming novel Fishpunk. Here is the proposal sketch for the cover art, which I think looks awesome. I can’t wait to see the finished goods, and I can’t wait to get this… Continue reading

How I Wrote a Novel in Seven Weeks

Once in a while, it’s necessary to reflect upon the road already gone by in any journey. Today, I’m thinking about the journey of becoming a writer, and more specifically, a novelist. Looking Back I started writing novels in junior high, and continued into high school. It fell away for… Continue reading

Indie Writer vs Self-Published Writer

Five years ago, there was no substantial difference between these two types of writers. In fact, the term “indie” wasn’t being bounced around yet, and many of the writers publishing their own work today would never have believed they would do it had you asked even three years ago. Indie… Continue reading