On Tor and the Scolding of an Employee

I have a little bit different take on this issue than most people do. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just move along. I don’t want to call out any names here. Tor issued a statement after an employee made some remarks about two groups of people who… Continue reading

Gilead’s Cover Art Sketch for “Fishpunk”

I am very excited to have the awesome local artist Gilead working on the cover art for my forthcoming novel Fishpunk. Here is the proposal sketch for the cover art, which I think looks awesome. I can’t wait to see the finished goods, and I can’t wait to get this… Continue reading

Work Begins on a New Novel, and a Trad Pub Decision

Yesterday, I started writing the second of four novels I intend to write this year. The novel is called “A Darkling Nine,” and I project it to be around 110,000 words. In a break from my indie ways, I plan to run this past a handful of agents before I… Continue reading

Tor/Forge Lose DRM

Much has already been said about this topic by others, including John Scalzi, Tobias Buckell, and Harry Connolly. Being a fully independent author, I’m not really impacted directly by this. That said, this is a good decision for this publishing house. DRM doesn’t deter piracy, but it does prevent legitimate… Continue reading