Scottsdale Library Focus Group

Tuesday evening, I attended a focus group at the Scottsdale Library. Here is the invitation I received from them. The Scottsdale Public Library invites you to participate in a focus group session on public libraries and e-book content. We are interested in getting your view on a variety of topics… Continue reading

Walmart to Stop Selling Kindle

Walmart recently announced that it will stop selling the Kindle in its stores. Analysts figure this is partly to prevent what is known as showrooming, where customers look at a product in the physical store and then buy it online. Analysts also believe Walmart is taking Amazon as a serious… Continue reading

Last Free Promotion for Rigel Kentaurus on Kindle

Today and tomorrow (May 18 and 19) are the last two days of free promotion before Rigel Kentaurus falls off KDP Select. You can find the book here. Early next week, the novel will be uploaded to Barnes and Noble and to Smashwords, as well as posted here, on my… Continue reading

Microsoft / Barnes and Noble Alliance

I woke up to Twitter abuzz about an alliance between Microsoft and Barnes and Noble in an effort to take on the Kindle Fire. Tobias Buckell has already blogged about this, and I’m sure John Scalzi and Mike Stackpole won’t be far behind. Regardless of opinion on Microsoft, this generates… Continue reading

Tor/Forge Lose DRM

Much has already been said about this topic by others, including John Scalzi, Tobias Buckell, and Harry Connolly. Being a fully independent author, I’m not really impacted directly by this. That said, this is a good decision for this publishing house. DRM doesn’t deter piracy, but it does prevent legitimate… Continue reading

DRM and eBooks

This is the eighth essay in a series on electronic publishing. The other essays can be found at the links below: Essay 1 Essay 2 Essay 3 Essay 4 Essay 5 Essay 6 Essay 7 One of the biggest controversies in digital publishing revolves around digital rights management (DRM). This… Continue reading

Alternative Career Building through eBooks

This is the seventh in a series of essays on electronic publishing. You can see the previous entries by following these links: Essay 1 Essay 2 Essay 3 Essay 4 Essay 5 Essay 6 Over the course of this series of essays, I have discussed a number of different ways… Continue reading