Summer 2016 Projects Update

There are several projects in the works right now that I can’t wait to wrap up and let the world see. Before I talk about those, let’s touch base on what’s been happening over the past few months. First, my novel A Darkling Nine has been sent to several agents…. Continue reading

NaNoWriMo 2015 #SFWAPro

National Novel Writing Month is always held in November. The goal is to write 50,000 words in 30 days. For the new author, it’s a daunting task. 50,000 words looks like Everest to somebody who has never put that many words together. It is, however, a very achievable goal. 50,000… Continue reading

Fifth Annual Book Drive for Phoenix Rescue Mission

Every year I hold a book drive and donate the proceeds to Phoenix Rescue Mission, a local charity that feeds the homeless in metro-Phoenix. Usually, I do this during the last full week in September, but as it turns out, I was swamped with various other obligations most of the… Continue reading

Let’s Talk About Point of View

It’s a big decision It really is. When an author sits down at the keyboard and looks at a blank file, there are choices to make. One of those decisions is point of view. In other words, whose eyes are we seeing the story through? The default is to select… Continue reading

Some Writing News for a Change

As I grow more weary of reading about the Great Science Fiction Civil War and the Battle of the Hugos, I’m turning inward and ramping up my own idea factory. I haven’t posted on my own writing for what seems like ages, so today it’s a little about where I’m… Continue reading

Progress Report 9/2/14

It has been hectic since the last update. No new progress on A Darkling Nine, though the next edit pass must begin soon. Over on the business side, I’ve been recording the first season of a podcast called Copy This!. It’s a business podcast that will talk about copywriting and… Continue reading

Progress Report – 7/28/14

It’s been quite some time since I posted a progress report, mainly because there hadn’t been any progress to report. There are some developments in the works. There is a lot happening under the hood here at Entropy Central. First, I have been actively editing A Darkling Nine since about… Continue reading

2013 – a Writer’s Year in Review

The year started off mired in uncertainty. January 14th marked the fourth anniversary of my layoff from Freescale. I entered the year determined to make my own business a reality instead of relying on the fickle whims of “The Man.” The first six months were quite difficult as clients were… Continue reading

Monday Status Report – 9/9/13

I completed two short stories in the past week. One is about a scientific mission to a collision between two neutron stars – something I call a maelstrom. The other was intended to be for Neil Clarke’s Cyborg anthology, but the word count ended up being outside the guidelines. I… Continue reading

Potpourri – Random Thoughts 7/16/13

Novel In Progress It has been a hectic few weeks here at Entropy Central. Business side has been keeping me busy, so Proxima Centauri, the sequel to Rigel Kentaurus, had to be put on hold. On top of the client work, I’m also teaching a summer class that consumes too… Continue reading