Monday Status Report 1/6/14

And so it begins. The first full week of 2014 has arrived, and this is my first status report of the year. Only minor progress to report today.

Things are starting slow, but I have indeed begun the revisions to A Darkling Nine. I’m only on page 14, but I … Continue reading

Monday Status Report – 0/16/13

It was a somewhat productive week. I did work on the novel Proxima Centauri some, adding probably 2000 words. It’s not a concerted effort, but it’s progress.

I also made a push this past weekend to get a bunch of short fiction off my hard drive and into the market. … Continue reading

Monday Status Report – 9/9/13

I completed two short stories in the past week. One is about a scientific mission to a collision between two neutron stars – something I call a maelstrom. The other was intended to be for Neil Clarke’s Cyborg anthology, but the word count ended up being outside the guidelines. I … Continue reading

Monday Status Report – 6/24/13

It was a very busy week that involved family activities, including several days at Oceanside, CA.

I did begin writing Proxima Centauri, the sequel to Rigel Kentaurus. I’m not anywhere near as far along as I had hoped to be, but I’ve had a huge uptick in workload on … Continue reading

Monday Status Report – 6/10/13

+ Proxima Centauri Status
On the surface, it looks like I did nothing this week to further the progress of my next novel. True enough, but plenty of groundwork was laid in the form of gedankenexperiment.

While the novel I am about to begin is the second in the … Continue reading

Monday Status Report – 5/27/13

Very little happened this week on the fiction side, though I did write a nice white paper about white papers on the business side.

The one thing that did happen was I sketched out the plot for Proxima Centauri, the sequel to Rigel Kentaurus. I expect to be starting … Continue reading

Monday Status Report – 5/20/13

I finished the first pass edits of A Darkling Nine and have submitted the manuscript to first readers. I hope to have them back within the next 8 weeks or so.

Meanwhile, it’s time to start thinking about starting the next novel, Proxima Centauri, the second book in the … Continue reading

Monday Status Report – 5/13/13

Not a huge amount of editing this past week due to final exams in the classes I was teaching. I did a few chapters. Also this past weekend I attended LepreCon 39. Was on panels Friday and Saturday and met Jack McDevitt. We’ll see an interview with him on Wednesday … Continue reading

Monday status Report – 4/22/13

Not much progress made this week on anything. I did a few edits on A Darkling Nine, an effort that I need to step up.

Non-writing commitments and home repairs have been dominating my time, but I do want to get the first edit pass for A Darkling Nine in … Continue reading