LepreCon 41

LepreCon 41, Phoenix, AZ

I hadn’t been planning to attend LepreCon 41 this year. LepreCon is often the only con I attend but I’m usually asked to be on program. For some reason, most of the usual guests were not there this year. The convention made a late add of … Continue reading

Odds and Ends 6/23/15

The Bluegills, the Bream, and the Shiny Stones

The story I posted yesterday made File 770, so traffic to the site has picked up some. I do hope people are enjoying the story and remember that it was written just after George R. R. Martin first chimed in on the … Continue reading

Monday Status Report – 5/13/13

Not a huge amount of editing this past week due to final exams in the classes I was teaching. I did a few chapters. Also this past weekend I attended LepreCon 39. Was on panels Friday and Saturday and met Jack McDevitt. We’ll see an interview with him on Wednesday … Continue reading

Monday Status Report 4-29-13

I made some progress in my first edit pass of A Darkling Nine. I’ve made it through 48 pages–not a particularly large number of pages, but progress nevertheless.

Other obligations, particularly with my teaching gig at the community college interfered with the edits, but most of that was one-shot. … Continue reading