LepreCon 41

LepreCon 41, Phoenix, AZ I hadn’t been planning to attend LepreCon 41 this year. LepreCon is often the only con I attend but I’m usually asked to be on program. For some reason, most of the usual guests were not there this year. The convention made a late add of… Continue reading

Science Fiction Serial Without “Network Rules”

Every now and then, an opportunity comes along to create something incredible. Now is such a time. David Gerrold, a screenwriter for the original Star Trek series, has been pitching a series based on his Star Wolf novels to networks for years and years. After many almost deals falling apart,… Continue reading

Tuesday Tips – Getting Into a Character’s Head

One of the best exercises assigned to me as an emerging writer came from my friend David Gerrold. He gave me a series of emotions, and my assignment was to write 500 or 1000 words (I forget the total now) on that single emotion. Not a story, not a sequence… Continue reading