Still Under the Dome

Somehow, I’m still following Under the Dome, the mini-series based on Stephen King’s novel. There are some really cool ideas in that story, but wow is the execution terrible. Science is magic, and it works just as fast. The characters are cardboard and predictable. The human interaction is unbelievably fake,… Continue reading

Doctor Who Regeneration Lists

With the launch of series 8 and the Peter Capaldi era next month, I thought I’d make a few lists about Doctor Who regenerations. I hope you find these entertaining. Regenerated due to old age: Hartnel – Troughton (1 – 2) Hurt – Eccleston (War – 9) Smith – Capaldi… Continue reading

Under the Dome – I Think I Have it Figured Out

This series Under the Dome, loosely based on a Stephen King novel, finished its first season. The series is not the novel. Wikipedia quotes Stephen King as saying: …story modifications are slotting into place because the writers have completely re-imagined the source of the Dome. ****Warning – speculation and possible… Continue reading

Science Fiction Serial Without “Network Rules”

Every now and then, an opportunity comes along to create something incredible. Now is such a time. David Gerrold, a screenwriter for the original Star Trek series, has been pitching a series based on his Star Wolf novels to networks for years and years. After many almost deals falling apart,… Continue reading

We Want Real Refs!

Yes, it is indeed another NFL post, but this news just won’t go away. The fallout from the Packers-Seahawks game got worse when the NFL issued an arrogant-sounding statement declaring the game will stand as called. It becomes pretty apparent the NFL owners consider the fans to be rubes. While… Continue reading

Revolution and Dies the Fire

The new television show Revolution has people abuzz. This show posits a complete failure of electronics globally for some unknown reason. The show takes place fifteen years later, after people have had to adapt. This is not a new concept. Steve Stirling (aka S. M. Stirling) is seven books into… Continue reading