Still Under the Dome

Somehow, I’m still following Under the Dome, the mini-series based on Stephen King’s novel.

There are some really cool ideas in that story, but wow is the execution terrible. Science is magic, and it works just as fast. The characters are cardboard and predictable. The human interaction is unbelievably fake, with loyalties flapping in the breeze.

A character is forced into hypothermia to remove a metal rod from her leg. Another character carries her (despite crashing in an ambulance where there is a perfectly good gurney with wheels) miles to a building where they use the stove for heat. And, the character then magically comes out of hypothermia and is fine. Oh, and the gunshot wound the same character received about two in-show weeks ago has been completely healed for the entire second season.

The show regularly defies the laws of physics, and I’m not talking about the gimmies they get for making the dome happen. Those you have to accept. It’s the things like temperature and weather changing inside the entire dome in under a minute. Something put into the water diffuses through an entire lake in a matter of seconds. Yeesh, it hurts my head just thinking about it.

Yet, I shall plod on through the next three shows.

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