Science Fiction Serial Without “Network Rules”

Every now and then, an opportunity comes along to create something incredible. Now is such a time.

David Gerrold, a screenwriter for the original Star Trek series, has been pitching a series based on his Star Wolf novels to networks for years and years. After many almost deals falling apart, he and a team of good television people are trying to cut out the middleman (aka the networks) and use crowdsourcing to produce the kind of science fiction that real fans want to see. Shows that take chances, pushing the envelope the way the original Star Trek series did over forty years ago. Only this time, there will be no network rules so they can sell ads for toilet paper.

Names involved with this are big, people like D.C. Fontana, special effects Oscar winner Dennis Skotak, producer of several science fiction films, David C. Fein, and several others. This is the real deal, but it won’t happen without your help.

You can help out with as little as $5.00, and nothing is charged until the goal is met. Check out the kickstarter page and help create a new way to make great fiction.

When you’re done there, check out this interview with David Gerrold giving the long history of this project.

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