Under the Dome – I Think I Have it Figured Out

This series Under the Dome, loosely based on a Stephen King novel, finished its first season. The series is not the novel. Wikipedia quotes Stephen King as saying:

…story modifications are slotting into place because the writers have completely re-imagined the source of the Dome.

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****Warning – speculation and possible spoilers****

So whatever you might know about the dome from the novel, forget it. I haven’t read the novel (though I am tempted) so I only have what I have seen on the telly go run with. It has been a confusing show with several leaps of faith that I found annoying. Last night, just before drifting off to sleep, it struck me what was happening.

What we know:

The dome people consider six humans to be important to their plans: Dale Barbara, Julia Shumway, Joe McAllister, Angie McAllister, Norrie Calvert-Hill, and Junior Rennie. (Why the dome people picked Junior over Benny is a good question that better be answered.)

We know there is an intelligence behind the dome, whether alien or some other kind of being.

We know there is an egg involved and the large dome turned white, as if it were now an egg.

We know the intelligence behind the dome says it is to protect them, but we do now yet know from what.

We know the dome people don’t like Big Jim.

Here is my theory. This is an uplift story. How that manifests itself is unclear. It could be first contact, you are ready to meet the universe. It could be more like V’ger, with the intelligence(s) merging with humans. It could be the intelligence accelerating evolution of everyone inside the dome.

The killing that goes on may be to clear the riff-raff out, and Big Jim is the tool. But, once his job is done, he needs to be eliminated also, so his evil nature doesn’t poison the coming uplift.

There it is, my prediction on what “the dome” is all about.

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