Odds and Ends 6/23/15

The Bluegills, the Bream, and the Shiny Stones

The story I posted yesterday made File 770, so traffic to the site has picked up some. I do hope people are enjoying the story and remember that it was written just after George R. R. Martin first chimed in on the events. That’s a good 10 weeks or so ago. It also helps to imagine “Yakity Sax” playing when you read it.

LepreCon 41

I wasn’t asked to be a participant in this year’s local convention. Indeed, most of the regular crowd seems absent from the panels. I don’t mind, I have plenty of other things to do, so I wasn’t even planning to attend. However, they had a last minute add of David Gerrold. Anyone who knows me at all knows that David is a friend of mine. With that news, I will probably attend one day, probably Friday.

Writing Projects

Last week, I finished the first draft of a non-fiction title called Content Marketing for Technical Companies. It’s all about using social media, blogs, and white papers when your target audience is an engineer doing a business-to-business transaction. The book will be indie published later this summer.

Iapetus Music a No-Go

Last month, I registered the trade name Iapetus Music, the equivalent in Arizona of a DBA doing business as. While I still intend to use that arm of the business to generate custom theme music for audio books and podcasts, that will happen under a different name. I discovered another outlet using the same name for a similar enough venture that I have opted not to encroach upon their name. My one-man recording name will continue to be The Iapetus Project.

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