Fish Friday (On Saturday) – Aquarium Rack Progress

I put in a good amount of work on the aquarium rack today, building much of the center module. I ran out of screws and 2×4 segments again, and although I had 6 lengths of wood in the garage, it isn’t quite enough. What i had in the garage is… Continue reading

Aquarium Rack In Progress

Due to a lot of reorganizing in my life focused mainly on my writing business, I need to make space in my home office for working. that means most of the fish tanks resident on the room have to move. There is a long cascade of events hinging on moving… Continue reading

Fish Friday – Vacation Feeding

Vacation Feeding your Aquarium residents Something that always seems to get the owner of an aquarium into a tizzy is vacation feeding. People feed every day (or more) when they’re in town. They want their wet friends to have the same care and treatment while they are gone–or at least… Continue reading

Fish Friday – SAKE Fish, Bettas

It’s been a while since I discussed the fishes I acquired last March at the Southwest Area Killifish Event. I still have two more species to discuss. Today, it’s about my crowntail bettas. Bettas are fairly popular as a fish that can be kept in a smaller than average container,… Continue reading

Potpourri – Southwest Area Killifish Event

Today marks the 15th annual Southwest Area Killifish Event in Phoenix, AZ. This is the only fish convention held locally, and it’s great fun for a fish keeper like me. It’s nothing like a SF/F convention other than enthusiasts come from all over to attend. It features killifish and livebearers,… Continue reading

Some Fish Pictures

In case anyone is wondering what I’m keeping, here are a few photos I snapped this evening. Don’t mind the reflections, I was taking snapshots, not portraits. First up is a pair of freshwater angelfish. Next, a few false penguin tetras. Some Bolivian rams hanging out by the sponge filter…. Continue reading

New Tank Syndrome, or I Don’t Keep Fish, I Kill Them

In some respects, keeping fish is just like keeping any other pet. You feed them, you care for them, and to some extent you can even play with them. In other ways, keeping fish is nothing like keeping other animals. In large part, that’s because they are much more sensitive… Continue reading

Why I Do Frequent Partial Water Changes

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably notice that I do a lot of maintenance on my aquariums on Fridays. In fact, Friday is the day I do partial water changes, and I spend about two hours each week on this task. Why? Second Nature That is a good… Continue reading

Five Fishes Not For Beginners

You might find this difficult to believe, but the employees working in some big box pet stores have no idea how to properly take care of fish (or lizards, or birds, but we’ll stick to fish here.) Hard to believe the 18-year-old kid is not an expert, isn’t it? Worse,… Continue reading

Housing a Betta

You’ve seen them when you go to the store, the little fish in a cup. The betta is a popular fish because it doesn’t need much space, can live alone with no problem, and can be found easily. As a side note, the proper pronunciation is not “beta” like the… Continue reading