Potpourri – Small World

Funny things can happen in this universe. I went to high school with a man named Tom Underberg. I haven’t seen him since graduation and hardly heard from him even after we connected on Facebook.

I had no idea he is writing spec fic until just today. About a week ago he made a facebook comment about writing with small children. Been there, done that, but I wondered what he writes. Today I went ahead and looked–and Great Googly Moogly if he didn’t go to Clarion! And, we have common friends. Adam Israel and Mary Robinette Kowal are two I am aware of, but I’m sure there are several more.

I probably would have known sooner but I rarely get to cons and just can’t take the huge block of time away from home to go to Clarion.

Anyway, I look forward to getting back in touch and swapping neo-pro war stories. And, if you’re going to Wiscon, go to his reading!

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