Odds an Dends

Odds an Dends. That title was a typo, but I liked it enough to keep it. Not sure how to follow up after yesterday’s post about Sportsball. It has by far the most hits of any blog post ever, and I doubt this one will live up to expectations. Feel… Continue reading

Why Sportsball is a Terrible Meme

Geek culture calls it “Sportsball” Over the past few years I’ve noticed at the beginning of football season that the geek culture brings back this sportsball meme. It’s the non-jock segment of geek culture (which is a very large percentage) perpetuating this. It sounds something like this: “One squad has… Continue reading

Something to Share With You from Frederik Pohl

Frederik Pohl, the last of the great original science fiction writers, passed away today. In a futuristic way, I learned of this via Twitter as I was cooking on the grill. I wanted to share something with everyone. On May 8th of this year, I had been reading I. Asimov,… Continue reading

Wednesday Writer – Joe Haldeman

I met Joe Haldeman in 2012 at LepreCon. I found Joe and his wife Gay to be charming people. Joe was kind enough to agree to be interviewed. For somebody unfamiliar with the work of Joe Haldeman, how would you describe your fiction and which story or novel do you… Continue reading

Wednesday Writer – Jay Lake

Today, I have the pleasure of sharing with you an interview with Jay Lake. This is my first interview with somebody I have not either met in person or interacted with regularly online, although we do have a lot of common friends. Jay was kind enough to be just as… Continue reading

Wednesday Writer – Mary Robinette Kowal

Today, we’re chatting with a writer who has burst onto the main stage of speculative fiction over the past few years, Mary Robinette Kowal. I met Mary online in the writers workshop at Orson Scott Card’s website, Hatrack River. About a year later, we met at Card’s Literary Boot Camp…. Continue reading

Potpourri – Small World

Funny things can happen in this universe. I went to high school with a man named Tom Underberg. I haven’t seen him since graduation and hardly heard from him even after we connected on Facebook. I had no idea he is writing spec fic until just today. About a week… Continue reading

Wednesday Writer – Christopher Kastensmidt

today we’re having a discussion with Christopher Kastensmidt, a spec fic writer who lives in Brazil. For somebody unfamiliar with the work of Christopher Kastensmidt, how would you describe your fiction and which story do you think is the best introduction to your work? A lot of my work contains… Continue reading

Wednesday Writer – Maya Lassiter

Today, I’m posting my interview with Maya Lassiter. She is a member of Codex, as I am, but I don’t know her all that well. I used the interview to learn a little more about her and what she writes. I hope you enjoy it. For somebody unfamiliar with the… Continue reading

Wednesday Writer – Christine Amsden

Today I’m chatting with writer Christine Amsden. I have known her (virtually) since 2005 when I joined Codex, though we have never met in person. One of these days we’ll correct that. I hope you enjoy learning more about her, and click through to check out her website. For somebody… Continue reading