Why Sportsball is a Terrible Meme

Geek culture calls it “Sportsball” Over the past few years I’ve noticed at the beginning of football season that the geek culture brings back this sportsball meme. It’s the non-jock segment of geek culture (which is a very large percentage) perpetuating this. It sounds something like this: “One squad has… Continue reading

Cardinals at Patriots 2012

The Arizona Cardinals have a pretty tough schedule this year. Aside from having to play the 49ers twice, they also face the Packers and the Patriots. While the Cardinals offense has a lot of question marks, the defense is poised to be among the best in the NFL. Cardinals defensive… Continue reading

More Cardinals Thoughts

After the departure of several marquee names from the roster, it’s easy to dismiss the Cardinals as a playoff contender. I think that conclusion is a bit premature. Much of the focus has been on Matt Leinart replacing the retired Kurt Warner. We’re told that Leinart has matured, learning how… Continue reading