Bird has Flown

Looks like the Cardinals finally traded Anquin Bolden. Boldin is one of the top receivers in the NFL but he has been asking for a contract extension (and more money) for several years now. You will now see him playing for the Baltimore Ravens.

He went to Baltimore, along with a 5th round draft pick in exchange for a 3rd and 4th round pick. The Cardinals would most likely have lost Boldin after the upcoming season to free-agency and would have received nothing in return.

The Cardinal offense is not lacking for receivers. Having the best depth at the position in the NFL, they could afford to make the trade. There is another guy who still plays for the Cardinals. You may have heard of Larry Fitzgerald. Along with a couple of other good young receivers, they still have a lot of depth at the position.

The Cards also lost Dansy and Rolle, two of the defensive leaders of a team already weak on defense. They picked up a free safety to replace Rolle in the form of Kerry Rhodes, formerly of the Jets. I don’t know much about Rhodes, but judging by how quickly the Cardinals snapped him up and the comments from coach Whiz, I’m guessing he’ll adequately fill the role.

A lot of question marks still hang over the team, especially on defense and at quarterback. It should be an interesting off-season.

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