2020 Visions Author #12 – Spencer Ellsworth

I met Spencer Ellsworth in 2005 when we were classmates at Orson Scott Card’s Literary Boot Camp.  His fiction is gripping and compelling.

Spencer is the winner of the 2009 PARSEC contest.  He worked for a literary agent long enough to know he did not want to become … Continue reading

2020 Visions Author #11 – David Boop

With a story that can easily be taken as symbolic of some events in today’s world, David Boop represents the #11 spot in the table of contents of 2020 Visions with a story called Organ Cloning While You Wait.

I have known David for a number of years, mainly … Continue reading

2020 Visions Author #10 – Jack Mangan

Jack Mangan is mainly known for his Deadpan podcast, a regular show composed of humor, fiction, and music. Give the show a try, it’s a lot of fun.

I’ve known Jack for a number of years and he lives local to me.  Of the writers appearing in 2020 Visions, … Continue reading

2020 Visions Author #9 – Cat Rambo

Starting the second half of the 2020 Visions collection is a short story by an author with one of the most unique names in speculative fiction: Cat Rambo.   Many people believe she writes using Cat Rambo as her pen name.  It is, in fact, her real name.

I’ve known … Continue reading

2020 Visions Author #8 – Emily Devenport

Emily Devenport is another one of the local authors I know from hanging around writerly events here in the valley of the sun– sitting on panels at local cons, chatting at the bookstore she worked in, that sort of thing.

In addition to the name Emily Devenport, she has … Continue reading

2020 Visions Author #7 – Jeff Spock

Jeff Spock make his living writing video game scripts, as well as writing prose fiction.  He lives in the town of Le Bar sur Loup in the south of France.  His story for the 2020 Visions anthology is called “Teh Afterl1fe.”  Those are not typos.  This is typical spelling … Continue reading

2020 Visions Author #6 – David Lee Summers

David Lee Summers fills the number 6 spot in the anthology with his hopeful story The Revelation of Thought.  Any comments I could make about the story would be in the form of spoiler, so I’m not going to discuss it.

David is a professional astronomer at Kitt Peak … Continue reading

2020 Visions Author #5 – Ernest Hogan

Ernest Hogan is not to be confused with this Ernest Hogan. His self-description probably does the best job: ERNEST HOGAN is a recombocultural Chicano mutant, known for committing outrageous acts of science fiction, cartooning, and other questionable pursuits. He can’t help but be controversial. Everything he does offends … Continue reading

2020 Visions Author #4 – Jason S. Ridler

The fourth author to appear in 2020 Visions will be Jason S. Ridler. Jason holds a doctorate degree in War Studies from the Royal Military College of Canada. He is also a former cemetery worker and punk musician. He has burst onto the writing scene in the past few … Continue reading

2020 Visions Author #3 – Randy Henderson

The third story in 2020 Visions is from Randy Henderson, a relative newcomer, and a man about whom I know very little. His story is called A Shelter For Living Things, and concerns the impact of water shortages and rationing on a woman who runs an animal shelter.

This … Continue reading