2020 Visions Cover Art

Jonathon M. Fowler produced this image for the cover of 2020 Visions.   I requested a proofed version of the work to protect his interests.  The image is based upon Alex Wilson’s story Nervewrecking.  We provided the artist with a copy of the story and just let him create.

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2020 Visions Copy Edits Done

Today I sent Chris Fletcher at M-Brane SF the copy-edited stories for the 2020 Visions anthology.  Aside from one minor rewrite request, everything is done on my end.  Now, we wait while the publisher takes a turn.

Chris is trying to get the book released by November.  That’s a pretty … Continue reading

2020 Visions Cover Artist Announced

The cover art for the 2020 Visions anthology is in progress right now.  The artist we are working with is Jonathon M Fowler.  I met Jonathon at the 2010 Phoenix ComiCon and we had a nice long discussion about writing and art, and about the anthology.

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2020 Visions Author #16 – David Gerrold

We round out the 2020 Visions table of contents with a humorous piece by David GerroldTime Capsule 2120: Actual Comments from Lunar Tourists is a collection of fictional comments placed into a suggestion box on the moon.  Over coffee a few months ago, David explained to  me … Continue reading

2020 Visions Author #15 – Alex Wilson

The power position in the 2020 Visions anthology is held by a story called Nervewrecking written by Alex Wilson.  Yes, I’m aware there is one piece following this story, but David Gerrold’s work is more of an epilogue than a story, and that’s a discussion for tomorrow’s blog post.

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2020 Visions Author #14 – Alethea Kontis

Alethea Kontis is one of those people who knows everyone, goes out and gets fun, and always seems happy–even when she’s not.  Although we’ve never met in person, I’ve known Alethea virtually though Codex Writers Group for over five years.

She has worked as a buyer for a major … Continue reading

2020 Visions Author #13 – Gareth L. Powell

Although we are both members of the Codex writers group, I know Gareth L. Powell mainly by reputation.   In addition to being a fiction writer, he is a freelance copywriter and PR consultant, and is a former software marketer.  His fiction has appeared in Interzone and in the Shine Continue reading

2020 Visions Author #12 – Spencer Ellsworth

I met Spencer Ellsworth in 2005 when we were classmates at Orson Scott Card’s Literary Boot Camp.  His fiction is gripping and compelling.

Spencer is the winner of the 2009 PARSEC contest.  He worked for a literary agent long enough to know he did not want to become … Continue reading

2020 Visions Author #11 – David Boop

With a story that can easily be taken as symbolic of some events in today’s world, David Boop represents the #11 spot in the table of contents of 2020 Visions with a story called Organ Cloning While You Wait.

I have known David for a number of years, mainly … Continue reading

2020 Visions Author #10 – Jack Mangan

Jack Mangan is mainly known for his Deadpan podcast, a regular show composed of humor, fiction, and music. Give the show a try, it’s a lot of fun.

I’ve known Jack for a number of years and he lives local to me.  Of the writers appearing in 2020 Visions, … Continue reading