The Problem with SFF’s Diversity Discussion

There is and has been for a long time a heated discussion on diversity in science fiction and fantasy, or rather the lack of diversity in the community. Historically the readership/fan base for this kind of material has been straight white male, with authors of the same sort. There seems… Continue reading

Blender Saga Unresolved says BBB. I Reveal the Company

Last December, I posted about a problem I had with a blender I purchased. It broke within the warranty period, and the manufacturer, CUISINART, made me pay $10 to ship it to a local(!) facility. They returned the blender and said nothing was wrong with it. that, despite the fact… Continue reading

Security vs Liberty – The Loss of Privacy

There are many aspects to the modern world full of excitement and possibility. The other side of the coin is that technological advances make it far more difficult to retain privacy. We have cameras on the street corners, cameras at the gas station, in the bank, even on our own… Continue reading

Boy Scouts Moving in the Direction of Equality?

It has been a contentious battle for those affiliated with the Boy Scouts of America who would like to drop the exclusion of gay individuals and those who want to keep it in place. The reasons for both sides are deep-rooted in peoples’ upbringing and strongly-held belief systems. I saw… Continue reading

Arctic Melt-Down

Arctic sea ice has shrunk to the lowest amount on record, according to this AP article by Seth Borenstein. The ramifications of this are enormous. Rising sea levels mean coastal devastation globally. It’s coming, folks. Lewis and Clark’s northwest passage is now open, so to speak. A Chinese ship has… Continue reading

Mrs. Jesus

I don’t typically write about religious topics, but over the last couple of days, this seems to be a theme. I read about today’s topic in this morning’s newspaper and found it interesting enough to comment on. It has come to light recently that Harvard Professor of Divinity Karen L…. Continue reading

The So-Called Arab Winter

Let’s start out with the confession that, like most Americans, I have no ties to the Middle-East. Because of that, like me, most Americans have difficulty understanding the motivation for the actions of the people in these lands. Violence erupted on September 11th across the Arab world, supposedly in response… Continue reading

The Real Problem with American Politics

13 years living in Arizona observing the state government, and now this presidential race, have convinced me that the main problem with American politics is there is no accountability for conflicts of interest. Scottsdale passed an ordinance banning temporary signs, so the state passed a law making it illegal to… Continue reading