Is Coronavirus a Chinese Bio-weapon? #bunkscience

It’s been a long time since I posted anything about science denial. This post isn’t so much about denial, but rather, about conspiracy a theory. That’s the thought floating around mostly the hard right-wing. As many know, I grew up in a very conservative area, which is story for another… Continue reading

Thirty Years After Challenger

Where were you thirty years ago today? That’s the day the space shuttle Challenger exploded a minute and 13 seconds into the mission, killing all seven astronauts aboard. The seven were Mission Commander Francis R. Scobee, Pilot Michael J. Smith, Mission Specialist Ellison Onizuka*, Mission Specialist Judith A. Resnik, Mission… Continue reading

Fun-Sized Waste, a Halloween Unintended Consequence

As I sit here in mid-November eating clearance Halloween candy, it occurs to me how much fun-sized waste is generated on that holiday kids love. Think about how much packaging comes in any bag of Halloween candy. Each piece must be individually wrapped for the safety of the children. The… Continue reading

Arizona Attempts to Legislate Chemistry

Government Can’t Pass Physical Laws Last night, Arizona governor Doug Ducey signed a bill into law that severely restricts the permissibility for abortions in the state of Arizona to be paid under any ACA (Obamacare) insurance plan. But, that isn’t what I’m posting about. As in many controvertial issues, both… Continue reading

Usher In the Mathematically Illiterate Society

Math is Too Hard, Dammit! Apparently, the state of Arizona is headed toward a mathematically illiterate society. We expect too much from from our children, at least, that’s what I gather from this letter to the editor that appeared on the opinions page of today’s Arizona Republic. (If you can’t… Continue reading

Little Words Hold a Lot of Information

Little Words I came across this interesting article on the use of little words, filler words. Computer analysis of language patterns, both spoken and written, reveals a lot about people. The way we speak can be used to predict relationships, whether people might be compatible, and who is the person… Continue reading

Unpublished Op-Ed on the Slide Fire and Climate Change

During the worst stages of the Slide Fire, I had written the Arizona Republic on the connections between global climate change and the predicted increase of severity of wildfires in the western United States. The slide Fire and climate change, is there a connection? They are apparently not going to… Continue reading

Shooting Ourselves in the Foot

West Virginia Representative David McKinley is a Republican, and drinks the Party Line Kool Aide. In this case, it’s an extremely foolish and short-sighted amendment to a budget bill for the Department of Defense. The DoD has already begun planning for climate change, but that could end. The McKinley amendment… Continue reading

Slide Fire

Several days ago, when the Slide Fire first broke out, I sent out a tweet predicting it to become a very dangerous major fire. By this morning, the fire was expected to be as large as 8000 acres, with almost 850 firefighters working hard to get some containment. Oh no…. Continue reading