One State, Two State, Red State, Blue State

I was looking at a couple of interesting maps over the past few days. First was this fascinating map depicting by color the largest religious group in each county of the united States. I’m not a particularly religious person: you could probably call me a Saganist if you have to… Continue reading

Usher In the Mathematically Illiterate Society

Math is Too Hard, Dammit! Apparently, the state of Arizona is headed toward a mathematically illiterate society. We expect too much from from our children, at least, that’s what I gather from this letter to the editor that appeared on the opinions page of today’s Arizona Republic. (If you can’t… Continue reading

Not All Arizona Laws are Crackpot

For the benefit of those not living under the Arizona Good ol’ Boy Network, here’s some visibility of some legislation that didn’t make national news. Ten laws that go into effect tomorrow, and they aren’t all that crazy. 1. Civil Penalty for boaters who refuse drug or alcohol tests. Arizona… Continue reading

It Never Ends, Not Even on Christmas

My circle of friends is unusual. Let’s take Facebook as an example. I have my old high school, college, and W2 job friends. I also have family there. That’s pretty normal for most people, but because I write science fiction, I also have a substantial circle of people from that… Continue reading

The Slow Dismantling of America’s Greatness

The Wild West As many know, I was a Republican for many years. I grew up in a family with classic conservative values. When I lived in California, I was among like-minded fiscal conservatives, so when I moved to Arizona, definitely a Red state with capital R, it felt refreshing… Continue reading

Thursday Thoughts – Bravery

I have been going through the 12 points of the scout law to kick off this meme. Today we’re looking at point 10, a scout is brave. When we think of bravery, images of people running into a burning building to rescue somebody come to mind. That certainly is one… Continue reading

The Real Problem with American Politics

13 years living in Arizona observing the state government, and now this presidential race, have convinced me that the main problem with American politics is there is no accountability for conflicts of interest. Scottsdale passed an ordinance banning temporary signs, so the state passed a law making it illegal to… Continue reading

Gov. Jan Brewer Finds a Spine!

Despite all the wacko nutjob politicians in Arizona who push through legislation regardless of whether the people they represent want it or not, there was a glimmer of hope in this morning’s paper. Governor Jan Brewer vetoed a bill being pushed through by reactionary members of the Arizona GOP, showing… Continue reading