Not All Arizona Laws are Crackpot

For the benefit of those not living under the Arizona Good ol’ Boy Network, here’s some visibility of some legislation that didn’t make national news. Ten laws that go into effect tomorrow, and they aren’t all that crazy.

1. Civil Penalty for boaters who refuse drug or alcohol tests. Arizona has a big problem with intoxicated boaters killing innocent people, perhaps because there are not very many places to use a motor boat in this state.

2. Misdemeanor to help a minor get an abortion in violation of the parental consent laws already on the books. While this can be a hot-button issue for many people (and other parts of this law are more controversial), there has been an erosion of parental rights. Many teenagers simply don’t have the emotional maturity to make decisions of this magnitude on their own.

3. Golf Carts are now legal to drive on public streets in age-restricted communities. Frankly, I thought this was already the case.

4. Active duty military or honorably discharged veterans may apply for a concealed weapons permit at age 19 instead of 21. These men and women have been trained how to use firearms properly.

5. Counties may no longer restrict the legal discharge of firearms or archery equipment on private property. Note that this is a county level law, and says nothing about what cities can restrict.

6. A law has been placed on the books making it illegal to aim a laser pointer at an aircraft. If the laser interferes with flight safety or causes injury to anyone aboard the aircraft, it is now considered assault.

7. A company’s liability for injury or death during space flight is limited if a passenger signed a waiver. As far as I’m concerned,t his simply paves the way for a future industry.

8. It is now a felony to post or distribute photos of nude people or people participating in certain sexual acts without the subject’s consent. Clearly, this law is aimed at revenge porn, a growing problem on the internet.

9. Along the same line of thinking as the Amber alert, a silver alert has been created for certain circumstances when a person over the age of 65 disappears. Since Arizona has a large elderly population, we frequently have persons with dementia who disappear. This will help save lives.

10. Micro-breweries can now sell growlers made of materials other than glass. I image here a law passed with zero debate.

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