The Real Problem with American Politics

13 years living in Arizona observing the state government, and now this presidential race, have convinced me that the main problem with American politics is there is no accountability for conflicts of interest.

Scottsdale passed an ordinance banning temporary signs, so the state passed a law making it illegal to remove campaign signs. A ballot initiative was proposed dealing with political robo-phone calls into our homes, the state government kept it off the ballot. In Arizona, examples are unlimited.

This is the problem with our politics, and right now there is no solution other than recall. But, these electioneering tactics work, which is why politicians vote to benefit the few hundred politicians at the expense of the millions of citizens, and they dupe enough people so that recall isn’t even considered.

Conflict of interest is THE problem with American government, and one that has no practical solution written into the constitution. If it were adequately addressed in the constitution, this would not be a problem. I certainly don’t know the answer.

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