Pushing the White Male Out – Part Deux

Yesterday, I had a discussion with a person I shall not name. After seeing many of the same same social media statements that I saw, this person asked how I came to my conclusion that this was celebration about inclusion, and not about exclusion. That’s a very good question, because… Continue reading

Pushing the White Male Out

With the recent Nebula Awards ceremony now in the past, I’m reflecting on the chatter in social media about the fact that no white males won a voter-selected award this year. In fact, one tweet cheered in nearly those exact words: No white males! Hopefully we’re beyond blog excerpts now… Continue reading

The Problem with SFF’s Diversity Discussion

There is and has been for a long time a heated discussion on diversity in science fiction and fantasy, or rather the lack of diversity in the community. Historically the readership/fan base for this kind of material has been straight white male, with authors of the same sort. There seems… Continue reading